Flint Energies Foundation

It’s only nickels and dimes but with everyone pitching in – It adds up fast.

Members who participate contribute an average of only $6 per year. A few cents from each consumer adds up to a significant amount of assistance — nearly $260,000 is raised annually through Operation RoundUp.

How it works:
If you choose to participate. Your power bill is “rounded up” to the next highest dollar amount.
The extra cents go directly into a state-chartered community trust fund called the Flint Energies Foundation.
For example, if your actual electric bill is $82.70, you will pay $83. The extra 30 cents goes toward helping various goodwill activities.

The Foundation’s mission is to assist with the food, shelter, health, safety and education needs in the counties served by Flint Energies. It helps worthy charitable organizations and civic groups. The Foundation does not pay power bills.

Donations by County Jan 2016

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