You can choose to round your bill up to the nearest dollar for worthy causes through Operation Round Up®.

For example if a bill were $92.71, you would pay $93, and 29 cents would go to the Flint Energies Foundation, who manages the fund. On average, you would contribute only $6 annually. You may withdraw at anytime by contacting Flint. The Foundation uses 100% of the funds collected to meet safety, health, and education needs in our 17-county service area. No funds are used for administrative costs.

If you'd like to give a little more each month, you can participate in Operation Round Up Plus, in which you designate how much you'd like to donate each month. Every penny is appreciated, and your small change certainly adds up to big changes in our communities.

The Flint Energies Foundation is a state chartered, non-profit 501 C(3) organization, with a board of directors made up of concerned citizens. All contributions are tax deductible and an annual tax statement of your total donations is listed as a line item on either your January or February bill each year depending upon your billing cycle. You can use the bill showing this amount when you file your taxes. If you do not wish to participate, contact Flint.

Click here for biographical sketches on the Foundation's Board of Directors.