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Annual Meeting

2019 Annual Meeting and Election Timeline

Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019

Flint Energies Utility Building
2 N. Macon Street
Reynolds, Georgia
8:30 a.m.: Registration Begins
10 a.m.: Business Meeting Begins

Election of Directors

Consumer-members elect directors for a three-year term. Directors serve until their term expires or a challenger qualifies and is elected. Members vote by mail ballot prior to the Annual Meeting, and results are announced at the meeting. The term of any vacancy coincides with the vacated directorship’s term. Members receive mail ballots in September. Complete, sign and mail the ballot to Flint’s independent auditing firm in the reply envelope attached to that mailing.

Qualifications for Directors

• Must be competent to legally enter into a contract in Georgia.
• Must be a Flint Energies Member for at least one year prior to the date he or she would take office.
• Cannot be an immediate relative of a Flint Energies employee.
• Cannot serve in an elected public office for which any pay is received, either as salary, fee per diem or reimbursement for services in any form.


Directors Up for Re-election

Jeffrey P. Wainwright
Area II, Post 1
Taylor, Talbot, Schley, Harris, Marion, Muscogee and Chattahoochee counties
Jane W. Perfect
Area IV, Post 1
Houston, Bibb and Twiggs counties
David H. Cleveland
Area VI, Post 1
Peach County


2019 Board Election Timeline

June 25
Nominating Committee meets and posts nominations at the Reynolds office.
August 16
Nominations by petition must be received by 5 p.m.
August 19
All nominations by petition will be verified and posted at the Reynolds office.
September 27
Official Notice, wrapped around the October issue of Georgia Magazine, will include all candidate names and the mail-in ballot.
October 8
Deadline to mail ballot so it is received by October 14. Members who return their mail ballot are eligible for prizes. If you do not receive your mail ballot by October 4, please contact Flint Energies for a ballot.
Members may also cast their ballots at the Annual Meeting. Election results will be announced.
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