To provide revenue for patron’s electric service and capital from the patrons. In compliance with cooperative principles and the Corporation’s bylaws, revenue received, which is in excess of operating costs and expenses, is patronage capital. All monies in excess of the cost of providing electric service is capital, at the moment of receipt, and will be credited to each patron’s individual capital account.


On all distribution lines or within the service area of Flint EMC.


To individual, corporation, county or municipal consumer-members for street or area lighting by means of ballast operated lamp fixtures, mercury vapor (MV), high pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH), or by means of LED fixtures installed either by:

  1. Overhead fixtures supported by poles of the cooperative’s existing distribution system, or

  2. Whiteway standards or ornamental brackets conforming to standard specifications.

Service is subject to the established rules and regulations of the Cooperative. Service will be rendered only at locations that, solely in the opinion of the cooperative, are readily accessible for construction and maintenance. MV, HPS and MH fixtures are no longer available for new installation.

Rate Code Type Typical Lumen Output Description   Monthly Rate
70 01 4,000-5,000 Lumens Yard Light, Residential Area   $8.50
71 02 7,000-8,000 Lumens Post Top, Traditional Residential Streetlight   $10.50
71 03 9,000-11,000 Lumens Post Top, Acorn Residential Streetlight   $16.00
72 04 7,000-8,000 Lumens Small Cobra, Streetlight   $9.75
72 05 13,000-16,000 Lumens Medium Cobra, Streetlight   $12.75
72 06 18,000-22,000 Lumens Large Cobra, Streetlight   $14.75
72 07 19,000-22,000 Lumens Small Interstate, Streetlight   $14.50
72 08 30,000-35,000 Lumens Medium Interstate, Streetlight   $17.50
73 10 17,000-22,000 Lumens Small Parking Lot, Commercial Area Light   $20.00
73 11 30,000-33,000 Lumens Medium Parking Lot, Commercial Area Light   $23.00
73 12 38,000 Lumens Large Parking Lot, Commercial Area Light   $38.00
74 13 14,000-17,000 Lumens Small Flood Light, Directional Flood   $15.50
74 14 23,000-25,000 Lumens Medium Flood Light, Directional Flood   $18.50
74 15 31,000-34,000 Lumens Large Flood Light, Directional Flood   $33.00
80 30   Leased Wood Pole 30/6   $6.25
      Covenant Street Lights   $3.40
  1. If the Cooperative is required to install a pole for the exclusive purpose of rendering outdoor lighting, then the consumer-member will be required to pay, prior to construction, a non-refundable construction charge of the amount set forth in the pole section below.

  2. In the event the Cooperative is requested to replace an existing Cooperative-owned mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, or metal halide fixture that is operational with an equivalent LED fixture, then the consumer-member will be required to pay the Cooperative $150.00 for each existing 150W-250W fixture to be replaced and $200.00 for each existing 400W-1,000W fixture to be replaced.

  3. In the event the Cooperative is required to replace an existing Cooperative-owned lighting fixture requiring greater height than that which is achievable on existing poles, then the consumer-member will be required to pay the Cooperative a construction charge to cover the cost of rearranging facilities.

  4. The consumer-member may be required to reimburse the Cooperative for any maintenance work which is required because of vandalism.

  5. If the consumer-member requests a change in a lighting fixture within one year of initial installation, a non-refundable charge of $200 will be assessed. If a member requests that a lighting fixture be disconnected or reconnected temporarily (for less than one year), then a non-refundable charge of $135.00 will be assessed.

  6. Wiring requirements for outdoor lighting:

Installation of wiring for lights-If a light fixture is installed on a pole without low voltage power available, new wiring must be installed for the light. Installing this wiring and transformer (if needed) would require a one-time fee as detailed below.

A. Residential Neighborhoods – Underground streetlight wiring is available only in areas served by Flint's underground distribution system where the underground streetlight cable is buried in the same trench with the distribution system. A construction charge will be assessed amounting to $5.50 per foot for trenching outside of the same trench as the distribution system. Where paving or other obstructions exist, the consumer-member will be required to perform all trenching, install duct furnished by the Cooperative, backfill and complete the paving to the mutual satisfaction of all parties concerned.

B. Apartment Complexes and Commercial Establishments – A construction charge of $5.50 per foot for trenching will be assessed for all underground streetlight wiring.

C. Where paving or other obstructions are currently present, or may become a conflict in the future, underground streetlight wiring shall be placed in conduit either by trenching, open ditch or directional boring. Where conduit(s) are installed by trenching or open ditch to eliminate conflict with pavement or obstructions, a cost adder of $3.20 per foot shall be applied to 6(a) and 6(b) above.

When directional boring is used to place conduit, the cost of underground wiring in 6(a) and 6(b) above shall be increased to $15.50 per foot for sections installed by directional boring method.

In lieu of charges set forth in Section 6(c), the consumer-member may perform all trenching or boring, install conduits or ducts, backfill and pave; provided the materials and installation satisfactorily meets requirements set forth by the Cooperative. Upon acceptance by the Cooperative, the consumer-member installation of conduits and duct shall become property of and be maintained by the Cooperative.

D. Aerial wiring for lighting is available in locations when existing overhead power lines. The cost to install aerial wiring for lighting is $1.60 per foot with a $160.00 minimum charge. If there are any trees that need to be trimmed or removed to allow for the installation of aerial wiring, the member would be responsible for the work.

E. If a transformer is required to be installed for the purpose of providing power to a light, the installation cost shall be:

Pole Mount Transformer: $1,500.00

Pad Mount Transformer: $2,700.00

30' Wood $1,150.00
35' Wood $1,215.00
40 ' Wood $1,250.00
16' Aluminum (Brushed) $560.00
16' Fiberglass (Black) $440.00
16’ Fiberglass (Acorn, Black) $440.00
30' Steel & Sub Base $2,500.00
30’ Fiberglass with 6' Arm $1,100.00
30’ Fiberglass with 2 - 6' Arm $1,275.00

Lease pole rates apply to 30 foot wood poles only.


The above charges are subject to applicable sales taxes and are due on or before the due date printed on each billing statement. In the event payment is not received by 5:00 p.m. on the due date, there will be a five percent (5%) late payment fee added.

Effective: Bills rendered on or after July 1, 2020