To transfer service to a new residence, call 800-342-3616 or visit any Flint Energies service location. To disconnect service, you may call or visit, but you can also disconnect through your member portal.

To transfer service, you will be asked to provide the following:

  1. Proof of identification

  2. Transfer fee of $15.00 (cash, personal check, credit card accepted).

If you are currently served by Flint Energies and would like service to continue at your current location while you move to your new location, we are happy to provide dual service*.

You will be asked to provide the following for dual service:

  1. Balance on current account must be zero,

  2. Must provide a disconnect date for current location, and

  3. Must provide a connect date for new location.

*Please keep in mind that you will receive a final bill for your current location. This final bill will include energy charges incurred from your original meter reading date through your scheduled disconnect date. Depending upon the length of time between these two dates your final bill at your current location may be higher than usual due to more days in this extended billing cycle to accommodate your move.