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Flint Energies Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Flint Energies, awarded $1,069,016 across the electric co-op’s 17-county service area in 2023. This investment was made solely through Flint’s consumer-members’ donations.

“Our members’ impact in these communities is incredible! Thanks to our member donations through Operation Round Up®, the Flint Energies Foundation has awarded grants to organizations in our service area that make a difference in the lives of others,” states Joanne Hamlin, Flint Energies Foundation Chair.

Through the generosity of Flint members, the Flint Energies Foundation has bettered thousands of students’ lives in Crawford, Houston, Macon, Marion, Peach, Schley, Talbot and Taylor Counties with classroom materials, printers, technology, equipment, field trips, camp experiences, training, after school support, mentor programs and club opportunities. Foundation grants have furnished hundreds of first responders with safety equipment, protective gear, and vehicles; provided shelter, clothing, and support for homeless individuals and families; furnished equipment and food for food pantries and food banks; and provided supplies and shelter for rescued animals in multiple counties. In addition, the funds have sponsored REACH scholarships for dozens of students throughout our rural counties, as well as provided support for various colleges and universities in our service area.

Since its founding in 2001, the Flint Energies Foundation has awarded grants totaling more than $11 million to organizations and programs in the 17 counties serviced by Flint Energies. “The impact that our members have made to the people in their own communities is tremendous and exemplifies the heart of our membership,” says Natalie Bradley, Flint’s Community Connections Specialist.

The Flint Energies Foundation provides grants to local non-profits such as this one using money donated by Flint Energies Consumer-members through Operation Round Up®. The electric cooperative’s Members contribute $175,000 annually to the Flint Energies Foundation, which supports worthy causes in the 17 counties it serves. Operation Round Up is a way for participating Members to support multiple charitable organizations by simply allowing Flint Energies to round up their bills to the nearest dollar. Donations to Operation Round Up, which average only about $6 per year per member, are tax deductible. About 40% of Flint’s Membership participates in Operation Round Up, but that percentage continues to decline. If you are a Flint Energies Consumer-member and wish to contribute, you can sign up at or by calling 1.800.342.3616.

The Flint Energies Foundation, a state-chartered, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, disburses all contributions to approved projects; Member contributions are not used for administration costs. Foundation Board members include Chair Joanne Hamlin, Lizella; Vice Chair Eloise Doty, Butler; Secretary Connie McCutchen, Midland; Treasurer John Luppino, Warner Robins; Gina Fink, Fort Valley; Charles Harrison, Grovania; Pat Bartness, Warner Robins; Traci Kemp, Warner Robins; Betty Chase, Oglethorpe; Roger Sinyard, Mauk; and Ian Russell, Fort Valley.